Online Ijazah Course

Bisma Quran Academy offers an online program called Ijazah for those who want a certificate in Online Quran Memorization and Tajweed. It is a personal online course with certified male and female Arabic teachers and you can take classes at any time that suits your schedule.

What's Ijazah?

It's like getting permission or approval. In Quran reading, it means a certified teacher says you are really good at it and you can teach others too. After you finish this online course you get a certificate and permission from a certified teacher who learned from experts. An Ijazah is like a special certificate that says you can properly teach and read the Holy Quran by following the rules. You can get it through an online course where certified teachers listen to you reading the Quran. If you want to memorize it then you recite the whole Quran from memory to the teacher. Once you finish you get your certificate for reading or memorizing the Quran. That's how you can get an Ijazah in the Quran and Memorization.

Steps to Get Your Ijazah Certificate:

  • Read the whole Quran to our teacher.
  • Learn Tajweed rules and special Quran recitation rules.
  • Pass tests showing you understand Tajweed.
  • Your teacher recommends you for certification if you do well.

Note: We only give Ijazah to deserving students. Just reading once may not be enough, more readings might be needed for the certificate.

What is the purpose of Ijazah Course

Pass it On Right: Make sure the Quran is passed down correctly to the Ijazah Holder.

Read it Well: Help serious students get really good at reading the Quran. Connect them to a line of reciters going back to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Good Teachers: Support students in getting an Ijazah by learning from a good teacher. Make sure they say the whole Quran right following Tajweed rules.

More Readers: Get more students to read and get Ijazah in Quran recitation. This keeps the Book of Allah safe from mistakes and changes.

Ijazah Course Highlights

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to read the Quran properly.
  • Improve your Quran recitation with correct Tajweed.
  • Memorize parts of the Quran.
  • Gain the ability to teach the Holy Quran to others.

Online Ijazah Instructors

Our teachers are well-qualified and have degrees from respected Islamic universities. They have lots of experience and are good at teaching. Our Arabic tutors speak English well and are very professional. They have learned from different scholars and passed tests to become teachers.

Ijazah Course Requirements

To get an Ijazah you need to:

  • Be able to read the Quran.
  • Learn Tajweed Rules.
  • Be evaluated by an experienced scholar.
  • Free Trial Session
  • Try a free session with a certified tutor to see how well you read the Quran. Learn to read Arabic. Perfect Tajweed. Memorize parts of the Quran. Read the whole Quran to the tutor.

Six Easy Steps to Get Ijazah Online

Follow these six simple steps to quickly and easily get your Ijazah online with the help of Quran Ayat:

Learn the Basics of Quran Reading Online: Start by learning how Arabic letters go together and how to read words and sentences. Understand the basics of reading Arabic words.

Learn How to Recite the Quran Online: Next, learn how to say the words of the Quran correctly. It's important for believers to recite the Quran accurately.

Master Tajweed Rules Online: Learn Tajweed rules to recite the Quran perfectly. Tajweed is about saying each letter in the Quran correctly. Choose a native Quran tutor for the best learning experience. Note: If you want Ijazah in Quran recitation with one narration, skip the next two steps and go to step 6 (Quran Ijazah Courses).

Learn Ten Different Ways of Quran Memorization Online: Enroll in the "Ten Qira’t Course" at Azhari Academy if you want Ijazah in Quran recitation with 10 different ways. "Qira’at" means various ways of memorizing the Quran.

Memorize the Quran Online: If you want Ijazah in Quran memorization, take the "Quran Memorization Course." Regular revisions and tests will help you remember, and your teacher will assist if you face any challenges.

Book Your Ijazah Online: The final step is to book your Ijazah Program online. Azhari Academy offers the best online Ijazah course in Quran Recitation with Tajweed and Quran Memorization. Certified tutors will verify your skills and guide you through the course for both kids and adults.

Enroll Now to Get Ijazah Certificate

Start your learning journey today with our Male Quran Teachers. Get TWO free trial classes! Join our online Quran Ijazah course now! Our certified teachers will guide you personally to help you learn recitation and Hifz. Get a valuable certification that allows you to recite the Quran correctly. Start your Quranic journey today by signing up for a free trial.

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