About Bisma Quran Academy

About Bisma Quran Academy

Bisma Quran Academy is an institution operating independently with a steadfast commitment to providing comprehensive Online Quran education since 2009. Our dedicated team of tutors are providing high quality Quranic education to students worldwide. We have enlightened a platform where students can learn about the beauty of the Quran under the guidance of highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors. Our curriculum includes fundamental Qaida learning, authentic Quranic recitation and a strong significance on the principles of Tajweed. We also prioritize the translation of the Quran to ensure not only accuracy in recitation but also a deep understanding of its profound meanings.

Our Mission at Bisma Quran Academy

We aim to provide great online Quran education to people worldwide, making it accessible and easy for everyone to learn. Through a curriculum focused on authentic recitation, principles of Tajweed and Quranic translation. We aim to provide a strong connection between students and the Quran.

1. Global Accessibility:

Our main purpose is to break down geographical barriers and make Quranic education accessible to everyone around the world. We recognize the challenges faced by Muslims in areas where Islam is not the majority religion and aim to bridge this gap by offering online classes that provide various time zones and schedules.

2. Comprehensive Quranic Instruction:

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive Quranic curriculum that goes beyond rote memorizing. Our focus is on providing a deep understanding of the Quran including beautiful recitation, the principles of Tajweed and the translation of Quranic verses. This approach Enables students to not only recite the Quran accurately but also comprehend its profound meanings.

3. Personalized Learning:

Understanding that each learner is unique we prioritize personalized attention. Our flexible scheduling allows students to tailor their learning experiences and our dedicated team of Quran tutors led by founder and CEO Qamar Waseem ensures that every student receives the guidance they need to progress at their own pace.

4. Connection with Allah:

We prioritize providing a profound and personal connection with Allah. Our teachings not only recite the words but also guide students towards a heartfelt understanding of the Quran which allows them to establish a direct and meaningful relationship with Allah.

Our Values

Inclusivity: Welcoming all regardless of background.
Excellence: Struggle for academic and spiritual excellence.
Flexibility: Adapting to various schedules globally.
Personalized Attention: Tailoring guidance to individual needs.
Empowerment: Instilling values for practical application.
Respect for All: Providing a positive and collaborative environment.

Meet Our Dedicated Team of Quran Tutors

At Bisma Quran Academy, we take in our team of passionate and dedicated Quran tutors. They play an important role in shaping the Quranic learning experience for our students. Our tutors are not merely educators but they are mentors committed to nurturing a deep connection between students and the Quran. Check out what makes our tutors an invaluable part of the Bisma Quran Academy family:
Expertise and Knowledge: Our team of tutors are led by founder and CEO Qamar Waseem. He contains highly skilled Quran Tutors with a profound understanding of the Quran. They bring a wealth of knowledge not just in the recitation of the Quran but also in the principles of Tajweed, Qaida learning and the translation of Quranic verses.
Male and Female: Bisma Quran Academy has an associated team of male and female Quran tutors. We ensure that every student feels at ease and supported while they are learning.
Personalized Guidance: Our tutors provide personalized attention to individual learning according to their styles and abilities after recognizing that every student is unique.
Flexible and Adaptable: Our tutors are flexible and adaptable by Understanding the challenges faced by learners around the world. Whether you are a working professional, a student or a parent with a busy schedule our tutors work with you to find suitable timings for your Online Quran Classes.
Technologically Proficient: In the digital world, our tutors are experienced in leveraging technology for effective online Quranic education. Through platforms like Skype and Zoom, our tutors seamlessly connect with students. Also make sure a smooth and interactive learning experience.

Why Choose Us

Skilled Instructors: Learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors dedicated to guiding students in understanding the beauty of the Quran.
Tailored Learning: Our curriculum focuses on individual needs which provides personalized attention to each student. Also regardless of their learning speed and qualification.
Gender-specific Teaching: We have dedicated male Quran teachers for male students and female Quran teachers for females and kids. We ensure a comfortable and supportive learning environment.
Accessible Learning: With a focus on flexibility and convenience our Online Quran Classes are accessible to all and require only a Skype or Zoom account for signup.

3 Simple Steps to Start with Bisma Quran Academy

Fill in the Trial Form Below: Begin your journey with Bisma Quran Academy by filling in our Trial Form. Click on the provided link and provide the necessary information to help us understand your learning needs.
Book Your Free Trial Class: Experience the excellence of Bisma Quran Academy with a complimentary 3 Days Free Trial Class. Once you have filled the Trial Form then our team will get in touch with you to schedule your trial session.
Choose Your Study/Course Plan: After your Free Trial Class you will have the opportunity to choose a study plan that best suits your learning and schedule.

Our commitment is to make Quranic education accessible and convenient for learners around the world. Join our global community where inclusivity, excellence, and personalized attention converge to create a learning experience that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures a deep connection with the Quran.

3 Days Free Trial Classes

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