Q: What makes Bisma Quran Academy different from other online Quran Institute?

A: Bisma Quran Academy stands out because we really care about giving you the best Quran education. Our teachers are super experienced and we cover everything in our classes to help you learn the Quran in the best way possible.

Q: Are classes live or recorded?

A: Our classes at Bisma Quran Academy happen live like a video call. This means you can talk to your teacher right away and also ask questions and get answers soon. Your learning is more fun and feels like you are right there with your teacher!

Q: What Requirements do I need for online classes?

A: We made everything easy to use so you can focus only on learning.
Device: Such as Laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Internet: You should have a good internet connection.
Learning Platforms: Skype and Zoom
Headphones: Optional but helpful for better audio.
Quiet Space: Find a quiet place to focus.

Q: What if I face technical issues?

A: Bisma Quran Academy has a dedicated team to help you with any technical problems. We want your learning experience to be smooth and trouble free.
Contact Support: Email or Whatsapp to support the team.
Explain the Problem: Tell us what's wrong with your Class.
Fix It Together: We'll guide you through easy steps to solve it.
During Class Help: If it happens during a live class, we'll find a quick solution.
Follow Up: We will check back to make sure everything is okay. We are here to help you learn without tech troubles.

Q: How will my progress be checked?

A: Bisma Quran Academy checks how you are doing through assignments and Quizzes. Your tutor will provide valuable insights on your strengths and areas that require improvement, whereas your teacher will offer guidance on how you can sharpen your skills even further.

Q: Is there any age limit for joining Online Quran Class?

A: Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult, or even a grandparent, our courses welcome everyone! It does not matter if you're looking to learn more about the Quran or simply starting out, we've designed them to provide to people of all ages.

Q: What's the solution If a lesson can't be attended?

A: If you find yourself unable to attend a session, we kindly ask that you inform us within 24 hours. In doing so, we can arrange a mutually convenient time for your Tutor and yourself to have a lesson.

Q: Can I try your classes for free?

A: Yes sure you can! To test our Quran Academy's fit for you, we offer a 3 day free trial class. It is an opportunity to experience our teaching methods firsthand.

Q: Can I Get A Female Quran Teacher?

At Bisma Quran Academy we offer the option for female instructors. When you enroll just let us know your preference and we will make sure you have a qualified female teacher for your Quranic education. Your comfort in learning is important to us!

Q: Is it possible to have one-on-one Quran classes?

Yes absolutely! You can have personal one-on-one online Quran classes. This means it is just you and the teacher learning together. It's a great way to get your attention and focus on your specific needs while studying the Quran.

Q: How do I pay for online Quran classes?

Paying for your online Quran classes is easy! After you choose the course you want, go to our website's Fee section. There you can pick a payment method that suits you like credit cards or online transfers. Just follow the simple steps and you will be all set to start your Quran learning journey with us!

Q: Are you struggling to decide which course to take at Bisma Quran Academy?

Absolutely! We are here to help if you are struggling to decide on a course at Bisma Quran Academy. Feel free to reach out to our support team and we will guide you through the available options also considering your interests and goals. We want to ensure you find the perfect course that suits your needs and preferences.

Q: How are the online Quran classes conducted?

Our online Quran classes are conducted through popular video platforms like Skype and Zoom. When it is time for your virtual class then you will just need to log in to either Skype or Zoom using the schedule you will receive once you have enrolled. Your teacher will be present and ready to lead you through the lesson in a virtual classroom.

Q: What age is suitable for children to start online Quran classes?

Children can start online Quran classes at a suitable age, usually around 5 or 6 years old. Engaging and child-friendly, our courses provide a positive learning environment for young learners. It ultimately depends on the child's readiness and interest, as each individual is distinct.

3 Days Free Trial Classes

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